We do not limit education, we help open the door to a better future.


Not only are we are passionate about teaching but also about making sure to teach the best way for our students.

     With over 16 years of experience, ABC is the leading English instruction and education institution for training our group of  graduates 

  • Communication – Students will read and listen with comprehension, and write and speak effectively at the collegiate level. 
  • Reasoning and Analytical Thinking – Provide students with the skills to identify, access, and solve problems
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility – Prepare students to work effectively with others, understand ethical decision-making, and recognize one’s ethical, legal, and social responsibilities.
  • Technology – Have students use technology in a business and management context.
  • Small Business Growth - Provide students with management skills and knowledge to grow their small businesses. Connect students to small business resources.
  • Education- Encourage students to continue their education and pursue a four-year college degree
  • Entrepreneurship - Serve as a liaison for Spanish-speaking Americans to enter the professional occupations and/or become entrepreneurs.


Main Office

Electrical and HVAC are leading high-demand occupations in Illinois! Eligible students can be prepared for these careers through WIOA!


Receive the skills and tools you need to stand out. Resume Workshops every week!


Opportunities should be for everyone. This is why we rely on various locations and flexible schedules for students.

     We offer the widest range of programs to develop learning and leadership skills to succeed in everyday and work context.

     For many people, our prosperity and happiness is fundamental in our confidence and cooperation. For this reason, we propose a strategy for growth and innovation to help meet these challenges in our personal and professional students. Our goal is to train our students to strengthen cultural and industrial relations in the United States


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