We believe:

  • The cultural sensitivity of our staff and faculty is instrumental in the development of our students
  • Interaction between dual-language and cultural experience adds significant value to our students' education and their worth to society.
  • Our faculty has the ability to help educationally-disadvantaged students reach such a level that they are prepared to perform effectively in American society.
  • Education is a lifelong endeavor and, therefore, encourage people to return to school at any age for self-development and for the benefit of those they serve.
  • In the unconditional care for our students, faculty, staff, volunteers, and benefactors.


America Business College origins began in 1999 as a private, leading bi-lingual hi-tech training school for software and technical training certification. Salvador Chavez, CEO, an entrepreneur and former Business Consultant, withstood the financial crisis of 2007 and now has the school poised for growth. Over the years the school has grown into its present enrollment of more than 300 students and four Chicago area locations. The school boasts an 95% retention rate. The business model is a student focus, hands on, real world experience that is extremely affordable, and based in the community. The school utilizes a participatory style of management and a pay for performance model for its instructors. Because of the model, instructors get to know, motivate, and retain their students.