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Below are brief descriptions of all programs available through ABC. 

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HVAC, Maintenance and Electrician Certification

Prepares students with technical and professional skills required for a successful career in Heating, Air Conditioning, Electrician, and Maintenance field. Students will train to become technicians in a real-world, hands-on lab environment. Technicians are needed to troubleshoot and maintain HVAC systems, and other equipment, because of the increasing number of new residential and commercial structures and to respond to the increased demand for energy management, conservation and other "green" technologies. Topic areas will include circuity, diagnostic meters, troubleshooting, installation, maintenance and reading/drawing electrical schematics. 

Additional skills acquired will include: EPA Certification 


Structural Welding Certification

​Develop basic welding skills, by extensive practice in the major arc welding process and out-of-position and multi-pass arc welding, including GMAW, SMAW AND GTAW. The program will emphasize safety while gaining hands on experience working with stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum. In addition, graduates will have the welding skills necessary to pass welder qualification tests. 

Additional skills acquired will include: Welding Certificate AWS (American Welding Society) training standards for certification in AWS Level 1- Entry Welder.

Residential and Commercial Electrician Certification

The Residential and Commercial Electrician Certificate prepares students for a career in the electrical industry. Students learn the National Electrical Code, and understand electrical safety, blueprints, residential wiring, breakers and fuses, grounding, bonding, splicing, currents and outlets. This program provides hands-on, practical training to give students real-world experience. Classroom lab becomes a reality when students practice their knowledge on real life residential and commercial set ups. Students are guided by a faculty of practicing professionals with current expertise in the field. Graduates will be capable of executing new construction electrical work, troubleshoot and replace old electrical work, and will be a certified electrician through Chicago/Suburb.